About Us

The Noodle House seeks to create a new concept of the traditional Asian cuisine by combining fresh ingredients to east and west to provide our customers with healthy and delicious noodle dishes. At The Noodle House we are passionate about what we do, and we are excited to share that passion with our customers. We have worked in different kitchens for many years, as we launch our new restaurant to share our passion for Asian Fusion cuisine.

Our cuisine combines elements of various culinary styles while not adhering to any specific tradition; we feature various popular noodle dishes from Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and Central & Southern China, all combined to create a unique and fresh Asian Fusion experience.

From soups to wok-tossed, to Asian style grilled dishes and vegetarian options The Noodle House is to provide customers with a taste of Pan-Asia at a great value.

With an open kitchen concept, our commitment is allow customers to see exactly what goes into the cooking process.

Furthermore, will accommodate all preferences; we will customize any menu item to your taste, so consider The Noodle House for your next special event or dining experience. Every week discover our special menu with a new options for enjoy different dishes and great prices.

The Noodle House considers the little customers are also important, so we have prepared a special kids menu for them.